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Internet Cards

General features of VISA :

What are the general features of the MasterCard card issued by Noor Iraq Islamic Bank?
- This card can be used on any ATM or POS
- The card may be recharged
- Card can be purchased from the Internet.
- Ability to reserve hotels or tickets through PC.
- A text message is sent to the phone for each execution operation.
- A monthly statement is sent to the customer about all transactions executed.
- Multiple powers depending on the type of card.
- Your card can be used from your region
- Receive the card within 72 hours.



I am a card (Visa card) :
Credit card
Is a card issued by financial institutions, especially banks, and provides the owner access to money, often used for this type of credit cards in both sales and access to short-term funding, also known as credit card as a card from the nature of plastic used in the purchase of products accessible to Services provided by the company.
Advantages of credit card
• Credit card:
This type of card is granted to people who have sufficient funds in their bank accounts, or depositors in the bank responsible for issuing this card, and allows the owner access to many services and products, the ability to make cash withdrawals, the value of withdrawals or purchases immediately deducted from the balance Bank account through ATMs of the bank in the card.
The maximum credit balance for your debit card is your bank account balance. The cardholder can pay for his purchases within the limits of his account balance. This type of credit card is widely distributed in economically developing countries, and this type of card does not provide access to financial loans because it depends mainly on having a debtor account in the bank responsible for issuing it.

Prepaid Cards:
cards that the owner must pay money before use, and the payment of the value of purchases from the credit balance of the card, and can be spent only after the shipment of more money.
Advantages of Credit Cards
Credit cards feature a range of benefits to their owners, including
• Easy to pay the value of purchases incurred by the cardholder, which reduces the opportunity for loss or theft of money.
• The possibility of withdrawing money from electronic banking machines.
• The owner of the card has many privileges, such as benefit from discounts on products in shops.
• Satisfy the wishes of the cardholder and deal with various currencies without the need to carry more than one type of currency.
• Possibility of purchasing online from anywhere in the world.
• The possibility of using them outside the borders of your country which can be used when traveling in all countries of the world.
• Dispose of carrying money, and only a small pocket card, a plastic card that obliges the customer to do all the work of purchase and cash withdrawals.
• It can not be used by someone else, as it is protected by a password known only to the card owner.

• You can follow your account wherever you are on the site below.

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How to use the card safely:
To help prevent fraudulent use of your card, here are the steps you should follow:
1 - Sign the new card immediately after you receive it.
2. Keep card numbers and PINs in a secret location.
3. Check your cards regularly to make sure they are there
4. Damage the copies of receipts, flight information, flight guides, and everything that shows your credit card numbers.
5 - Check the background of companies that do not know before making the purchase through the Internet.
6. Never give a password that you use to log in to your online account or ISP to one.
7. Do not provide financial account information to anyone unless you pay for a purchase using that account. 

 Documents required for issuing a visa card :

- passport
- Civil ID or national identity card
- residence card
- A recent portrait