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The Bank of Nour Islamic Iraq for investment and finance signs agreement with biotech

05 Dec 2016

Nour Bank Islamic Iraq for investment and finance and one of the important banks in Iraq had chosen Bank-BI DHW banking business intelligence and reporting solution from Pio-Tech Company.

The bank choose Bank-BI system to keep up with than bank’s plane to develop system and enhance the process of decision-making, as this system will enable the bank to get all information from one source which cover all users’ needs of reports and reaching all required information to make decisions in addition to data and information analysis.

Smart Pio-Tech systems enable providing services to the bank and its clients such like commitment to the tax law for external accounts (FATCA) according to the applies rules and systems by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and in addition to this Bank-BI® Credit Bureau system automate all clients information collection and provide required reports to Corporate credit inquiries.

Pio-Tech Company considered one of the pioneer companies in supplying banks with complete systems and solution in Middle East and Africa and it is always aims to keep up with all development in information technology sciences, which considered focus of attention to its clients, and the company provide best services to the banks and Business facilities companies.